tigop-Looking Outwards 06

Looking through A Brief History of the Future of Twitterbots, I am finding a some of these bots to be quite arbitrary, and mainly exist to show that it is possible for them to exist…if that makes sense. There are some that definitely may serve an important purpose, and I do like a couple of these-like the random sandwich recipe bot, that’s pretty handy. Followers would possibly accumulate based on a shared interest in collecting these random sandwich recipes, or to find inspiration for their packed lunches. Anything related to random food gets a thumbs up from me. But what I see from these is that in the way they might be random but relate to a specific topic, they kind of serve as a catalyst for creative thinking. For example, the art assignment bot would be a nice way for an individual to have a new exercise for the mind every day. Arbitrarily generated content may seem like a fun way to get “users” or viewers of the content to try new things, expand their mind.

I’m really moved by the yourevalued bot, or bots similar to those, in which the bot responds to an individual using the twitter interface and is depressed. To think that a twitter bot could literally save a life is amazing, and it shows how powerful something that could potentially post sandwiches or random colors and words might be. It is a tool that can literally save humanity!!!!

Bots like this^ as well as bots that can provide twitter users with valuable information are the bots that I personally find myself to be most inspired by. However, I think the idea of using bots to generate content purely for the imagination is interesting. (I mean who am I to say if anything can be ‘purely for the imagination’, people use what they make from that and bring it into the real world, can anything ever really be ‘purely for imagination’?), but I would be curious to see more examples of a twitterbot be used as a tool to create narratives, I also like the idea of having this twitterbot’s output function as something like a performance.

Overall, definitely seeing twitterbots to be a great way to connect with others, a way to really acknowledge our similarities or be there for one another despite differences. Using twitterbots, we can stand in solidarity.

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