Takos – Final Project

My original idea for this project was to make modular, jointed people, with customizable features(height, width, etc). I have made ball jointed dolls out of clay before, so this was a natural step for me. I started off by trying to geometrize the organic shapes of the human body into something tha.t I could feasibly code on OpenSCAD. I was originally going to make the joints different sizes depending on which part of the body they belonged too, but decided not too because having the joints all be the same size allowed for more customizability and turned what was supposed to be just a movable person into a sort of toolkit to create with and alter.

I started off by prototyping a ball and socket joint. I went through a few different 3d printing tests until I found a desgin that really worked for me: The end socket covers over 50% of the ball, but has slits cut out of it to allow it to expand when being fitted. It also has a cut out of a shpere which allows joints to be rotated to almost 90 degrees. This allows the use of a double joint (used in the elbows, shoulders, knees, and hips) to achieve more realistic movability.
Other unique joints are the upper to lower torso joint, and the neck to head joint. The torso joint’s socket needed to be able to intersect with the upper torso in order to achieve a full range of motion, so I subtracted a sphere around the ball of the upper torso. This is shpwn below. The neck join needed to be able to expand while also fitting fully inside the head. To allow this to happen, I subtracted a sphere from outside the socket, which allows the socket to expand when the ball is inserted.

Github Repository:

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