1A : Romanesco broccoli: it’s pretty structured and follows a fractal pattern with a lot of order. I think it’s super cool that what looks like an abstract geometric sculpture is just a piece of broccoli that you can eat, and that fractals can appear so obviously in the real world.

1B : The Problem of Uniqueness

I think ultimately I agree that the mass-production in terms of generative art does diminish its value, but only if they are separated into different units. The reproduction of something is of course not as valuable as the original simply because it is the original. The copies are therefore just imitations of the original, but in terms of mass-produced and similar art everything is both a copy and an original. If you look at something that is presented as a set on the other hand, i think it does not loose its value in having multiples, but could in fact gain value, but if you mass produce something as attempt to present each mass-produced item, even if they are technically unique, as uniques, they lose their value because they are all the same in concept and in that sense there is no differentiation between them.

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