Jaqaur – AnimatedLoop

Here is the code running in p5.js (the actual gif is below):

I didn’t have any really great ideas for this project. I thought I could do something about my love of math, like something with a Klein bottle, or something infinite that shows the set representation of all natural numbers. But I didn’t know how to implement either of those in a realistic, interesting way. When I started sketching things, one of the first simple geometric ideas I had was the one I ended up going with: “Ladder Squares.” It’s the fourth sketch on the sheet below. I thought little lines could climb down horizontal “rungs,” forming squares as they go. It’s one of my simpler ideas, but I really like how it turned out. It’s easier to look at without getting a headache than I’m sure some of my others would have been. I decided to add a slight pause when the lines are forming squares and when they are forming horizontal lines, as those are the most interesting positions to me. I added the blue-green gradient last minute to make it a little more interesting.

jaqaur loop sketches

Here is the gif itself. Sometimes it runs really slowly; I don’t know why:
Jaqaur - Loop

It also looks interesting when you modify the code a little bit so some lines climb backwards, although I didn’t like this version quite as much. I wanted the squares.

Here’s a link to the code on Github.

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