The vision come to me suddenly; I didn’t know why a torus, why flying tapes, why in these psychedelic colors, but I just knew I want to make it.

As a 3D animation with thousands of moving parts is quite complicated, I tried to first break down the problem into small parts before solving it. A torus is a circle of circles, and a tape is mainly defined by a series of coordinates. So first I made a series of points orbit around a common center, which is easy. Than I generated a bunch of these orbiting points around a circle, and render tapes based on the coordinates of all the points.

The result looks very similar to what I envisioned. I believe I used the transformation matrix effectively so that I achieved the effect in relatively concise code. However some parts of the image has anti-alias while other parts don’t, which is a bit weird if looked at carefully.

I thought about how I can go further: Perhaps I can create a series of animation, in each of them colorful flying tapes form into a different shape: a sphere, a cylinder, a person, etc and form a style.


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