Jaqaur – Interruptions

Click to generate a new interruptions.


Here is a link to my code on Github.

The easy part of this assignment was drawing the lines. I counted that Molnar’s “Interruptions” were about fifty lines by fifty lines, so I did the same. Using nested for loops, I drew lines at randomly generated angles, with their centers all the same distance apart.

The hard part was making the interruptions (the “holes” in the picture) look like Molnar’s. At first, I had every line decide based on a random number whether to exist or not (with odds of about 9/10 of existence). That distribution was too even, though, and didn’t make the big holes I wanted. That led me to create my more complicated “interrupt” method, which creates a random number of “interruptions,” each of a random size. An “interruption,” in this method, is a clump of lines that collectively decide not to exist. An interruption starts at a random spot (indexed from 1-2500), turns that line’s angle to 100 (rather than something between -PI and PI), and then moves left(-49), right(+49), up (-1), or down (+1) and continues this until it runs out of size. If a line has an angle greater than 10 (eg 100), it will not be drawn later.

This creates irregularly shaped clumps. When I first tried this, I had a few big clumps that looked like Molnar’s, but I didn’t have enough little ones throughout the image. So, I upped the number of clumps, and reduced the clump size. Most of the time, this leads to a few big “clumps” (actually made out of smaller clumps) and then some smaller ones. I think there’s a strong resemblance between mine and the original, although it’s a little hard to judge from only five examples.

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