– Gene Kogan. He is a programmer and artist interested in generative systems, artificial intelligence, and software enabling self-expression and creativity. The talk is mainly about machine learning and neural networks. He teaches a course called ml4a(machine learning for artists) that helps artist utilize machine learning in their artwork.

– I most admire his work on teaching people about machine learning. It really helps bringing more people into this wonderful realm, and opens up possibilities for non scientists. Also his algorithm of creating handwritten characters is very interesting to me.

– One sentence that struck me is when he said “If you’re ever in a hurry to learn something, sign up to teach it”. I found it insightful and makes me think about how learning really works.

– He presents by showcasing and explaining projects he made. The images and videos he shows are really impressive, but I still do not fully understand the technology behind them after listening to his explanation. Maybe he does this deliberately to lure listeners to his full-length courses.

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