hizlik – FirstWordLastWord

After reading this, I’m kind of surprised I had never thought of dividing significant works of art, or moments in time, based on if it was “groundbreaking” or “best ever” of a particular subject, medium or substance. And I was taken aback again by the same feeling once i got to the end and once again, something I hadn’t though of (both first word art and last word art).

I can sometimes relate to the things Naimark mentions, and feel I’m more sort of a last-word-art(ist). I thoroughly enjoy making a preexisting idea or refining a preexisting piece to perfection, rather than starting from scratch and thinking of something no one has thought of. I often do try to think of things that are first word art, pieces that haven’t been made ever, software that’s never been thought of, designs that haven’t been invented yet. But most of the time I end up running in circles in my mind, only to give up, be inspired by something I see on the web, and build/work off of that to create newer, different yet still somewhat familiar projects. Most specifically I can relate to my PowerPoint artworks, games and projects, all of which use a preexisting platform (MS Office) and tools/shapes but I end up creating something no one has thought of (that I’ve met in person, so far).

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