My project is a Skill-crane that you control with your face. I call it SkillCranium.

It uses the face position (specifically, between the eyes, to control the position of a skill crane. Opening your mouth opens the crane claw, and closing it closes the claw. The objective of the game is to get a box into the container on the left of the screen.

It’s remarkably hard. And it forces people playing to make a lot of silly faces.

I was interested in making something non-face-like at all, exploring the awkwardness of  face as an interaction method, and forcing unnatural expressions as a gesture. The result was entertainingly uncomfortable, a system that requires remarkable patience and attention to head position in a way we aren’t accustomed to.

Additionally, this project was a pretty steep technical leaning curve for me, as I have never implemented any sort of physics engine other than some simple hand-coded forces, and wrapping my head around Box2D, joints, and the World Coordinate system was quite a challenge.

Ultimately, I would have liked to explore the fidelity of the interaction more, making the ‘game’ elements more compelling, working on colors, graphics, and overall visual polish a bit more, but was slowed down far more than I expected with the Physics.

Because my code uses many different classes, in separate tabs, I’ve pasted just the content of the primary tab, and the classes are on github:


import shiffman.box2d.*;
import org.jbox2d.common.*;
import org.jbox2d.dynamics.joints.*;
import org.jbox2d.collision.shapes.*;
import org.jbox2d.collision.shapes.Shape;
import org.jbox2d.common.*;
import org.jbox2d.dynamics.*;
import org.jbox2d.dynamics.contacts.*;
import oscP5.*;

// A reference to our box2d world
Box2DProcessing box2d;

// A list we'll use to track fixed objects
ArrayList boundaries;
// A list for all of our rectangles
ArrayList boxes;
//A list of claw arms units
ArrayList claws;

//Initialize OSC object
OscP5 oscP5;

//declare new crane
Crane crane;

// face boolean and raw data array
int found;
float[] rawArray;

//which point is selected
int highlighted;

//Mouth open boolean
boolean mouthOpen;
float jawThreshhold = 0.5;

//Did you win
boolean youWin = false;
PFont proxima;

void setup() {
  size(960, 720);

  oscP5 = new OscP5(this, 8338);
  oscP5.plug(this, "found", "/found");
  oscP5.plug(this, "rawData", "/raw");
  // Initialize box2d physics and create the world
  box2d = new Box2DProcessing(this);
  // We are setting a custom gravity
  box2d.setGravity(0, -30);
  //Create Arraylists 
  boxes = new ArrayList();
  boundaries = new ArrayList();
  claws = new ArrayList();
  // Add a bunch of fixed boundaries
  boundaries.add(new Boundary(width/2,height-10,width-20,10));
  //add a collection box
  boundaries.add(new Boundary(width/8-45,height-180,10,50)); //left
  boundaries.add(new Boundary(width/8-5,height-150,90,10)); //bottom
  boundaries.add(new Boundary(width/8 + 35,height-180,10,50)); //right
  //create our crane object
  crane = new Crane();
  proxima = createFont("data/ProximaNova-Black.otf",150);
}//end setup

void draw() {  
  //Box2D Step
  //Check mouth
  //Draw Objects
  if (rawArray!=null) {
    if ( found > 0 ) {
    for (int val = 0; val < rawArray.length -1; val+=2){ //if (val == highlighted){ fill(255,0,0);} //else{fill(100);} fill(240); noStroke(); ellipse(rawArray[val], rawArray[val+1],10,10); }//end points array loop //GUI AND DEBUGGING //debugging(); }//end face found check crane.update(); crane.drawCrane(); }//end rawArray length check // Display all the boundaries for (Boundary wall: boundaries) { wall.display(); }//end boundary draw // Display all the boxes for (Box b: boxes) { b.display(); didYouWin(b); }//end box draw // Boxes that leave the screen, we delete them // (note they have to be deleted from both the box2d world and our list for (int i = boxes.size()-1; i >= 0; i--) {
    Box b = boxes.get(i);
    if (b.done()) {
  //Display the cord
  // Display all the claws
  for (int i = 0; i < claws.size(); i++) { claws.get(i).display(); }//end claw draw if (youWin == true){ textAlign(CENTER); textSize(100); text("YOU WIN!",width/2,height/2); } }//end Draw ///////////////////////////////Crane Class////////////////////////////////// class Crane { Float glideSpeed = 0.02; PVector pulley,cross,base; Float baseWidth = width*0.05; Float baseHeight = height*0.9; Float crossWidth = width*0.875; Float crossHeight = height*0.04; Float pulleyWidth = 50.0; Float pulleyHeight = 50.0; Bridge cord; Crane(){ pulley = new PVector (width/2,height/2); cross = new PVector (width*0.1,height*0.5); base = new PVector(width*0.9,height*0.1); //length , number , anchorX, anchorY cord = new Bridge(width/5,width/40,pulley.x,pulley.y); } //update method void update(){ //update crossbar with top of nose Y value cross.y = cross.y - (cross.y - rawArray[55])*glideSpeed; //update pulley with top of nose X value pulley.x = (pulley.x - (pulley.x - rawArray[54])*glideSpeed); //update pulley Y with same as crossbar pulley.y = cross.y; //update the cord position Vec2 pulleyWorld = new Vec2(box2d.coordPixelsToWorld(pulley)); Vec2 anchorVec = cord.particles.get(0).body.getPosition(); cord.particles.get(0).body.setLinearVelocity(new Vec2( (pulleyWorld.x-anchorVec.x)*8, (pulleyWorld.y-anchorVec.y)*8)); } //drawCrane method void drawCrane(){ //stroke(0); noStroke(); fill(0); rectMode(CORNER); //Base rect(base.x,base.y,baseWidth,baseHeight); //Crossbar rect(cross.x,cross.y,crossWidth,crossHeight); //Pulley rectMode(CENTER); rect(pulley.x,pulley.y,pulleyWidth,pulleyHeight); //Claws drawn in draw loop } }//end crane class //////////////////////////////Did You Win///////////////////////////// void didYouWin(Box box) { Vec2 boxPos = new Vec2 (box2d.getBodyPixelCoord(box.body)); if ( boxPos.x > width/8-35 && boxPos.x < width/8 + 35 && boxPos.y > height-180 && boxPos.y < height - 130){ youWin = true; } } //////////////////////////////Create New Box///////////////////////////// void newBoxes() { Box p = new Box(crane.pulley.x,height-40); boxes.add(p); }//end new boxes function //////////////////////////////Is Mouth Open///////////////////////////// void isMouthOpen() { if (dist(rawArray[102],rawArray[103],rawArray[114],rawArray[115]) > dist(rawArray[108],rawArray[109],rawArray[96],rawArray[97])*jawThreshhold){
  mouthOpen = true;
  else{mouthOpen = false; crane.cord.toggleClaw(mouthOpen);}

void debugging() {
   text( "current index = [" + highlighted + "," + int(highlighted + 1) + "]", 10, 20);
}//end debugging function

void mousePressed() {
void keyPressed(){
  if (keyCode == RIGHT){
  highlighted = (highlighted + 2) % rawArray.length;
  } //end right key
  if (keyCode == LEFT){
    highlighted = (highlighted - 2);
    if (highlighted < 0){
      highlighted = rawArray.length-1;
    }//end highlighted if
  }//end left key
  if (keyCode == UP){
}//emd keypressed
////////////////////////////// OSC CALLBACK FUNCTIONS//////////////////////////////
public void found(int i) {
  println("found: " + i);
  found = i;
}//end found
public void rawData(float[] raw) {
  println("raw data saved to rawArray");
  rawArray = raw;
  for (int i = 0; i < rawArray.length; i++) {
  rawArray[i] *= 1.5;
  if (i%2 == 0){
  rawArray[i] = map(rawArray[i],0,width,width,0);
  }//end for loop
}//end found

There are quite a few hacky magic numbers in here. Sorry coding style gods.

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