Catlu – FaceOSC

FaceOSC Project Video:



I couldn’t get the WP-Syntax Plugin to work correctly for my code, so here is a link to the code on Github where it looks decently nice:



For this project I began with a loss of what to do. At first I did some research into importing 3D models into Processing, but realized quickly that I did not have the time to figure that out. I thought about making a game, but felt weird about controlling it with my face. Personally, I find moving parts of my face like my eyebrows very hard and awkward. In the end I decided to do a small devilish face that hid behind energy particles. When the devil face opens its mouth, the particles gather, and when they’ve collected, it shoots the particles back at the screen. Afterwards, the particles return to how they were before, albeit closer to the devil face’s mouth. If you don’t let the particles gather long enough and don’t keep your mouth big enough, the particles will slowly move back to their positions. I feel alright about this project, but not super. I didn’t have a very intriguing inspiration for this particular project. Although I think the end result is fun, I didn’t get to do as much with it as I wanted. It definitely took me a lot longer to make the particles gather, disperse, and follow certain steps, than I thought it would. I added a few small nuances like randomized speed of the particles and size changing, but I feel like there could have been more attention to making it really shine.

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