Kelc – Zodiac Clock

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This project proved to be quite a challenge but I am satisfied with the result. I started off biting a little more than I could chew by looking up a library on github that would calculate the current moon phase– I intended to program a clock that would simply use that calculation and draw the correct moon phase. This proved to be quite challenging (due to my lack of knowledge of important Javascript libraries) and as well I didn’t feel like I was doing much of the work.
I ended up instead creating a clock of zodiac constellations. The current code was simple but somewhat tedious to implement, although some features that are currently left out (which I intend to add) include the rest of the constellations (as coding two took a bit of time and careful measurement) and also a transition from one zodiac to the next. Zodiacs are monthly but I sped up the month variable to seconds to attempt to try out ways of smoothly transforming from one sign to the next, to no avail. I still intend to implement both, so it is a work in progress to say the least.



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