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For my final project, I want to make generative horoscopes, so I investigated different projects in the same vein. The one I chose to focus on was the Horoscope Bot on Twitter, which tweets out random horoscopes, which tweets out random horoscopes created from the compilation of two user tweets.

Visit the bot here

Project Github here

Selected tweets:

horoscope1 horoscope2 horoscope3

The results have a range of tones (the second selection is actually pretty deep, while the third selection is much funnier in a “wtf” sort of way). However, after scrolling through the bot’s tweets, I realized that all of them take the form “you will …., but you will …”, which seems pretty canned after a while. I would like there to be more variation in the formatting of the horoscopes. The bot also filters out tweets with swear words, which I appreciate because it adds to the horoscope-y feel of the tweets (one doesn’t see horoscopes with swear words).

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