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Screaming Monster Alarm

Okay, yes. This project was done fairly last minute, while I had no creative ideas, and it depends on the use of a CloudBit, which I didn’t have. So, all in all, I wouldn’t really call it a success.
Still, here is a little video I made showing my Baby Monster in action:

Basically, the screaming monster alarm is an alarm clock that is active between 8:00 and 8:30 (that’s the networked part) and will scream unless it sees motion with its motion sensors. I thought it would be good because it would stop me from accidentally falling back asleep after turning it off. I made the tube to cover it so it wouldn’t pick up miscellaneous other motion, like that of my roommate, because the sensor it very sensitive. I like how you can make it be quiet by covering its mouth (it was that covering action that gave me the idea to make the tube into a creature). But in retrospect, it’s really not much different from a regular alarm clock.

I got the sensor/buzzer part working, but I couldn’t actually get the timed aspect to work because, as I mentioned above, I didn’t really have access to a CloudBit and didn’t want to wait around for one for the sake of this project. I did create some events on “If This Then That” that WOULD activate and deactivate the cloud bit at 8:00 and 8:30 respectively, if I had one.

I have very few sketches for this project and no code to embed, due to all of the reasons above. Not my best work, but I’m glad I learned about “If This Then That,” and its always fun to play with Little Bits. Had networking our object not been part of the assignment, I would have loved to experiment with the Makey Makey. That device was definetely the my favorite thing from this last week.

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