For my physical computing project I decided to create a little box to protect my chocolates from warm weather. Once the environmental (outdoor) temperature reaches 65 degrees Fahrenheit or greater, the fans kick in until the temperature drops back below 65. Who wants melted chocolate during the summer? This will keep them nice and cool, but not hardened like putting them in a fridge would.

Using the littleBits was rather simple, as Golan described. Setting up my cloudBit was a no-brainer and linking it with IFTTT was also extremely simple. Wiring up my box also did not take too much time but the connections are a bit unreliable, due to their magnetic nature. Unfortunately if the box is jolted and the cloudBit loses power, it takes 15 seconds to reboot, and will not start the fans back up if they were already on before the “power outage.” This is because on start, the cloudBit awaits a trigger from IFTTT, which wont send a new “turn on fan” one until it goes above, then back below 65 degrees.

This project was created using littleBits and a cloudBit, as well as IFTTT. Here are the recipes:


And the diagram of the bits:


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