Guodu-Final Process

p5* Calligraphy

An interactive experience where you can practice writing and calligraphy with different types of randomly selected font templates and brushes

Enter your practice word below

Esc – Resets Canvas | Shift – Change Brush Style | Up or Down to Change Brush Thickness










Next Time

There’s a lot of interaction issues like non-intuitive controls for the brushes characteristics and not knowing what brush you are on. Also, I think it will be beneficial in teaching calligraphy to show which direction one’s stroke should go.

Overall I had a lot of fun creating this, especially the limitless brush styles. When thinking about a concept for this project, I looked to my hobbies and interests, which always came back to drawing and typography. I found the idea of being able to use a tool (p5*) to make another tool and hopefully share it with others to be empowering.

When I was exposed to so many programming artists in this course, Zach Lieberman left a deep impression on my with one of his EyeO Talks (here). He talked about his interests in

  • Intersection of Drawing and Code
  • What does drawing on a computer feel like?
  • How do we describe drawings on the computer?
  • What is the sketchbook of today’s age?
  • Beginner (turn off background and you have a paintbrush) –> Advanced drawing in code (recording data)

Ultimately this exploration of bridging digital and physical in addition to drawing makes me wonder how drawing in these different mediums affects and influences a person. Would someone get better at calligraphy by hand if they practiced on this template and used a tablet? And if someone is already good at calligraphy, how well do they transfer to a digital program?













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