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Kyuha Shim’s Generative Type Video

For my final project, I’d like to improve my alphabet book. As stated in my proposal, I’m working on making it actually alphabetical in the fonts that appear and more generative.

As I was looking for inspiration, I found myself looking more at generative typography than generative books. I ended up looking at Kyuha Shim’s work (Q was one of the reviewers!). I really admire Q’s work because of how effectively and beautifully he’s been able to use data and software as a medium to create such dynamic type. I really aspire to develop such technical skills in programming so I can be able to use it more fluidly in my design work. I would like to work towards making a generative book of generative typography one day. But first, improving my initial concept of a generative alphabet type book for babies. I’m not sure how generative typography would suit such a young audience, yet.


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