Drewch – LookingOutwards09

I’ve talked about Bound and Journey already in another LookingOutwards, and although the final project that I created is inspired by it in spades, I’ll take this moment to talk about a few other games that really influenced me and my decisions.

First is AntiChamber. I think the above video was purposely designed to confuse you, which is fitting, because the game was designed to confuse you anyways. There is a mastery of the psychological meaning of the game’s mechanics, and with it, an incredible revelation that most players go through at some point: the greatest obstacle you’ll ever face in this game is yourself.

Next up are Stanley Parable, and The Beginner’s Guide.

The big difference about these two games compared to the previous ones I mentioned is that dialogue (monologue?) is the biggest thing that drives player progression. The games/levels are designed to catch the player off-guard, and the narrators try to make players think over what they’re seeing/doing.

My goal for this project (but hopefully better accomplished in future projects) is to tap into the power of surprise and introspection, things that all of the aforementioned games do masterfully.

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