Drewch – Interruptions


  1. The lines are the same length
  2. The lines are kind of arranged in a square grid system
  3. More lines than random are either horizontal or vertical (varies per generated piece but consistent within each)
  4. Line angles are random, except for ones stated in #2
  5. Interruptions occur in patches, random in size


This annoyed me so much that I can’t work on it anymore, so here’s the not-really-done-but-its-done Interruptions. I quickly realized that making rows and cols of lines wasn’t going to work very well for creating interruptions inside a nested for loop. A possible solution would be to have a function that makes a map of where the interruptions will be beforehand but I’m still confused about 2D arrays in p5.js and it’s driving me nuts (I’m going to use Processing until I understand how Javascript does 2D arrays. Maybe not even then.). For the sake of my AnimatedLoop, I choose to put this down. Looking forward to seeing Golan’s solution(s).


Nice, and it’s not embedding. Here’s a gif instead.


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