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Tangible Media Group – Daniel Leithinger, Sean Follmer, Alex Olwal, Akimitsu Hogge, Hiroshi Ishii / 2013

inFORM project link:

inForm is a project by the Tangible Media Group that I really enjoyed. The project wants to create a relationship between a user’s digital information, and tangible space. I found this project to be amazingly playful and fun. The idea of transferring digital to physical data is very interesting to me. In a digital world, often we don’t make much of an effort to be physical anymore, even though the physical world is so important and integral to living. While we stare at our screens, we’re almost living in a virtual world that is constantly evolving to fit us better, to be more addicting, and to not let us go. When everyone is making such an effort to turn everything digital, it’s so refreshing to see a way physicality can factor back into digital space and possibly make digital space better. In the end, I think the thought processes and the technology behind this project have great potential going into a future of digital takeover, and that it will help us in developing spaces of digital and physical combination, interactions and interfaces that satisfy our invisible and tangible needs, which truly, I think are the best kind.

Also, they really made it look damn good in the video.

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