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Superfeel 2014 at Cinekid by Molmol


I was drawn to Superfeel by Molmol because of its fun nature. Superfeel is an interactive stage where people wear devices embedded with sensors that take information from muscle movement and body gesture. These devices then send that information to the mechanical elements of the stage to give the users an interactive experience. From moving and flexing, the user can cause gusts of air, wind, fog, and vibration that lets then feel and understand their body’s movement in a new way. With these devices, the users are given new power. This project was commissioned by the Cinekid Festival in Amsterdam, October 2014. What I admire most about this is the exciting and unique way it’s getting kids interested in the electronic and interactive arts. It’s showing children that the electronic arts aren’t just limited to the screen, and to games and videos. By giving them super powers that they must be amazed to have, the project is inspiring them to think about what is possible, if already such super powers are, in the realm of new media and interactive and computer art. The project is perfectly designed to capture the energy and excitement of kids, and use that to its advantage, and I really appreciate the thought put into that.

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