clock [github]

My clock was originally inspired by an animated GIF I quite enjoy that shows a series of squares entering and leaving the frame. To begin my process, I did some sketching on ‘grided’ and ‘cubular’ shapes. Then, I began drawing in Sketch to work out more of the visual fidelity. The units in my clock combine both traditional and non-standard ideas. I’m a big fan of AM/PM clocks, which I integrate using blue gradient colours for PM and yellow for AM. But, I also wanted to explore the notion of a non-standard sub-hour time units, to achieve this, the ‘hour squares’ fill in at a rate that’s not quite a second, but far from a minute. As far as the actual building was concerned, the experience was consistently frustrating. A lot of the features and tweaks I expected to be easy to build were actually quite tricky 😉



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