Interactive installations. There are too many. It’s hard to choose one to focus on. Do you go with the commercial / advertising projects? Artwork in galleries? Performance? I could pick Hakanai by the French artists Adrien M and Claire B… or the complete advertising coup of the decade, the Museum of Feelings in New York City (created by Ogilvy / Radical Media), or Kyle McDonald’s Sharing Faces… or Social Galaxy by Black Egg (and Kyle McDonald and Lauren McCarthy, with some code by our own Dan Moore), which utilized the user’s Instagram feed and takes you inside your own images and hashtags, floating around with the feeds of other participants, inside an infinite mirror tunnel. This is inside the Samsung store in Chelsea in NYC. Having participated in this, I can say it is moderately uncomfortable, a little embarrassing, a little thrilling, a little ego-trip, and a little 2001 Space Oddesy.

One of the most well known interactive installation is Chris Milk’s Treachery of Sanctuary which I have seen many people lay claim to, and spread around the internet with abandon.

I like all these installations. I wonder how to grow from the “interactive installation pose” – aka the spread arms and waving them around in front of a projection that responds to your (graceful movement) (flailing). Gesture-based interaction is very compelling to me, but it is also a little repetitive. How can we push this method further? What new technology can we use to allow our natural body language to come through?

I have to also shout out Golan’s list of installations that include a large majority of work done by women. I clearly have more research to do.

Image above: Museum of Feelings

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