20. Looking Outwards

There are three “Looking Outwards” assignments due in this section: one is on Information Visualization, and the other is on OpenFrameworks.

  1. (Due 1/23) Information Visualization. Browse various computational visualizations, designs, artworks, and datasets; choose 3 projects to write about. For diversity, consider selecting a balance of subjects, such as: a dataset that you find interesting; a project you find provocative; a project you find well-crafted. To find interesting visualization projects, you are welcome to start from the following links (and also look elsewhere):

    As an alternative starting point, you may also consider looking at the work of Aaron KoblinAmanda CoxBen Fry & FathomFernanda ViegasGiorgia LupiJen LoweJer ThorpJonathan HarrisKim ReesLev ManovichLisa JevbrattMarcos WeskampMartin WattenbergMoritz StefanerNicholas FeltonRachel BinxStamen DesignSantiago OrtizStephan Thiel & Nand.ioStephanie PosavecW. Brad PaleyWes Grubbs, or CMU’s own Chris Harrison.

  2. (Due 1/28) openFrameworks. Discover and discuss three projects that were made in openFrameworks (OF). As a suggestion: For diversity, choose one project which seems like an important contribution to the field, and one project that seems like a quick but interesting sketch or experiment. To find interesting projects that use OF, you are welcome to start with the following (and you can also look elsewhere):
  3. (Due 1/30) ofxAddons. Scan the master list of addons for openFrameworks. Select three that sound interesting to you (why?); explain their possible potential for you. Brainstorm a little.