Project 3 Proposal: Imma Designa

by jonathan @ 3:53 pm 22 February 2012

For project 3 I initially wanted to play around with the idea of growing 3 dimensional forms and 3D printing them, for example growing a bike helmet defined by my head shape and optimal impact resistance and air flow. However, this was clearly out of my programming abilities and I actually wanted to finish a project this time. Yet, I still wanted to try to take what is on my computer into the real world in some capacity (hence the ‘laser’ idea).

Now I am planning on heading down a different route. I have always been intrigued with applying the basic rules of graphic design into a program to poop out ‘cool’ design-y posters at the click of a button and promptly sharing if across your social networks with the tag “I’m a fucking designer”, because afterall that’s what designers do, don’t they?

I’m thinking I’m going to fool around with toxiclibs in Processing to randomly generate a faceted grid, write an Adobe Illustrator script to design the poster and re-input it into Processing to disseminate across my social networks. I’m going to experiment with more ways of interaction, but this is it for now.

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