Carnegie Mellon University / Introduction to the Electronic Media Studio (60110-A)

Unit 60

by Golan @ 11:21 am 19 October 2009

Assignment – Due Monday October 26

Develop an animation in which you set animation (made in Flash) to your Sound Collage. Feel free to use just a portion of the sound track, but try to use at least 30 seconds. Feel free to modify your Sound Collage a little if you need to. Give attention to background, ambiance and environment. Don’t try to make a very complex story!

Some helpful notes about using Flash:

How to import sound, and how to see/scrub the waveform (sync stream etc):
1. File > Import to Library >Select Sound,
2. Make a new layer in your workspace
3. Drag file from the Library to the Layers
4. While the sound in selected in the Timeline, change the Properties for your audio to Sync > Stream; this will allow you to to see the waveform of your audio in the timeline.

The Helpful Function Keys: reminders about F7, F6, F5 and what they do:
F7 – Creates a New Key Frame
F6 – Creates a Duplicate Key Frame
F5 – Extends a Frame
Shift + F5 – Deletes a Frame

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