Carnegie Mellon University / Introduction to the Electronic Media Studio (60110-A)


by Golan @ 10:57 am 18 August 2009

Course Number: 60110-A, Fall 2009
Time: Monday/Wednesday 8:30am-11:30am
Location: CFA-318 (Mac Cluster, College of Fine Arts Bldg.)
Class web site:

Instructor: Golan Levin (contact info)
Teaching Assistant: Riley Harmon (contact info)

What is Introduction to the Electronic Media Studio (EMS1)?

EMS1 is an introduction to a range of artistic practices on the computer — an introduction to computer-based art making using the CFA Multi-Media cluster as a studio. Technical and philosophic issues surrounding the emergence of computer art as a practice and as a part of the larger culture will be explored. This class will introduce you to a range of electronically assisted artistic practice through projects on the computer.

We will also look at historic and contemporary examples of computer/electronic based art. We will see media art in context through recordings, videos, demonstrations, discussions and critique. This is an art studio before it is a computer art studio. Our goal is to make art with computers, not simply learn how to use computers. This means that developing the skills necessary to become an artist — curiosity, vision, imagination, motivation, inventiveness, self-direction, self-reliance, self-criticism and self assessment — are central to this class. Mastery of tools is good, but it is not an end in itself; the emphasis in the course is not on technical mastery but on understanding digital media technologies as tools for creative cultural practice. We expect proficiency with the tools as well as inventive application of these tools to your creative goals.

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