Carnegie Mellon University / Introduction to the Electronic Media Studio (60110-A)


by Golan @ 11:34 pm 18 August 2009

Readings for Unit 5x:


Demonstration sound files:

Information about uploading your audio via SoundCloud

An alternative to SoundCloud is ‘ODEO’ (it seems to be more lightweight and faster)

Readings for Unit 3x:



Example images for Unit 3x:
From “InstructoArt” by Marcos Vescovo, and “Wordless Diagrams” by Nigel Holmes.
Also see Lufthansa’s For Your Safety air flight guide, here.

  • Black and CurlyBlack and Curly
  • People_you_trust_with_your_childrenPeople you trust with your children
  • gay_straightGay / Straight
  • Proclamation of One's Own AttractivenessProclamation of One’s Own Attractiveness
  • milkHow to Milk a Cow
  • How to Blow a BubbleHow to Blow a Bubble
  • How to Roll a Joint How to Roll a Joint
  • How to Cremate SomeoneHow to Cremate Someone

Readings and Exercises for Unit 2x:



Retouching Exercises:

Compositing Exercise:
Collage a food item so as to appear as if it were a barge in the Danube.

burrito budapest


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