Inside Social Soul Inside Social Soul (Perspective 2)

Social Soul is a social media installation created by a collaboration between Kyle McDonald, Lauren McCarthy, and Kyle McDonald. It brings to life a user’s Twitter stream and profile in 360 degree monitors mirrors and sound.

More impressively they created an algorithm to match users with other attendees and speakers at the conference this was installed at and displayed their match’s stream. The user was allowed to connect with their social soul mate.

They used seven different languages to make it and the visual and audio arrangements were computationally generated live.

What inspires me about this piece is the fact that it is personal. Every user can step in and feel that this is a piece for them. Also when you leave the piece the experience isn’t over because it connects you to a real live person and so the experience of participating in the social soul outlives the life of its existence. I personally really enjoy the idea of connecting people and exposing the differences and similarities amongst social circles which is why this piece really fascinates me.

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