This is a visualization of the spatial locations of faces in the Teenie Harris archive. Teenie Harris photos are generally taken in a 4:3 ratio which means I only had to plot 2 arrangements: the vertical case and the horizontal case. Since all of the photos were resized to have a max side-length of 1600, I just plotted where the faces would land on a 1600×1600 pixel grid assuming the photos were placed closest to the upper left hand corner.

Each box represents a 40×40 pixel grid and the color is representative of how many faces overlap with that 40 x 40 pixel grid.

I used R to create a matrix of where the faces were, exported it as a tsv and then imported it into javascript. Although I think the visualization is effective, one thing I don’t like is how the gradient of colors don’t really reflect the gradient of values. It makes some rings look like they contain more faces than what are actually located there.

The First Button is for Horizontal Pictures

The Second Button is for Vertical Pictures

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