My initial inspirations for the piece were orbits, constellations, compasses, and time. When I fist thought of looping, I thought about how hands loops around the face of a clock. Even in the absence of numbers, the looping still give a sense of time passing. As i sped up the time of the loops I noticed a pendulum effect starting to emerge. I really just wanted to experiment with the aesthetics of time passing, and as I tweaked different details , I noticed that I could make myself feel like time was moving slower or faster, solely based off of my mind’s association between the pace of the orbiting lines and time. When i think of where I fell short in this project, I think of detail. When I was designing this loop, in my head I had pictures of chronograph watches which is the classic and refined style I was looking for. It was just hard to accomplish that aesthetic through graphics. So even though it conveys a sense of time and space, it looks more like a diagram than a design piece.

Animated Loop

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