Xastol – LookingOutwards05

Among my favorite projects was the PoopVR, created by Laura Juo-Hsin Chen. The project uses a Google Cardboard, a phone, and a seat (toilets). Using the Google Cardboard, users use their own phone to enter an online VR world she has created. The VR world is rather lighthearted, with encouraging “poops” and psychedelic patterns, and serves as “motivation” when the user finds them-self in a rather “congested” situation. Additionally, the work allows other individuals partaking in this daily-task to connect with one another and, as a result, encourage each other. Personally, I’ve enjoyed the process of defecation a lot more with her project.

In terms of her approach to work, I appreciate Laura’s use of low-tech, open-source technologies to create charming work that attracts all audiences. The user doesn’t have to mentally prepare themselves to invest in her work because her playful style handles that already.

Website: http://www.jhclaura.com/

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