Xastol – AnimatedLoop



I actually really enjoyed creating this piece. Initially, I was having a hard time coming up with a concept. However, after working on the “Interruptions” re-code, I accidentally came across having all the lines point in one random direction. This eventually got me thinking about the potential of having different shapes point in a singular direction.

While thinking of different ways to further this concept, I was listening to a jazz musician by the name of Trombone Shorty (http://www.tromboneshorty.com/) and was kind of thinking how wide he allows his mouth to open in order to get new and interesting tones regarding his voice and instruments. One thing led to another and I decided to create a creature that was constantly talking, or “quaking” in this case, and that didn’t really have control over how wide it allowed its aperture to open.


I really wanted to create something cute and kind of funny looking in this project, which I think I achieved very well. I think I fell short on how expressive the creature (duck) could be in regards to other parts of its body, even though my intent was to focus on the aperture and face of the creature. If I were to continue working on this piece, I think I would create a body for it and also have that flail around.

GitHub Link: https://github.com/xapostol/60-212/tree/master/Deliverables%203%20-%20xastol/Animated_Loop


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