A computational project that got me interested in taking this class was SketchSynth by Billy Keyes. The project is basically a draw-able controller. The user takes a piece of paper and draws various buttons, sliders, and toggle switches. The program recognizes these drawn controls and then makes them functional through the tracking of human interactions with said controls. I admire how the artist connects the physical and virtual world through the nature of the project, and also how the user has control in what type of controller they develop. I also think it’s cool that this project actually sprang from a class held at CMU in 2012. It goes to show how we, although intermediate programs, have the resources to develop such exciting programs.

The project was created/developed entirely by one student. In terms of the software used to develop the program, Keyes primarily used commercial software (openFrameworks) and also used add-ons that were developed by other artists. This projects aids in developing a stronger user influence and sets the stage for more complex works where users can change the outcome of the program based on minor decisions.

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