First and last word art are constantly battling one another in today’s society. New innovations and discoveries in technology create the basis for first word art, while improving upon these technologies, to create even more elaborate works, is central to last word art.

Personally, I don’t believe one side is more important than the other. The two forms of art are essentially the same thing in that they are a part of the same timeline of events and have no end: art is always “becoming” and “evolving”. In terms of technology, the advancement of tech allows for more diverse works of art to be made, which has a direct effect on culture (tech influences how society acts with the world/perception of the world is changed). For example, advancements made in VR (Virtual Reality) will change how entertainment (video games, movies, etc.) will be consumed. Already, our culture reflects this with more video games having compatibility with VR products such as the Oculus Rift. In turn, the needs and wants of society will push these technologies to further develop. Since people want to consume entertainment in a more realistic way, tech will improve to match these desires.

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