My mocap project! The lighting in the gif shows you more, still learning about directional light and cameras so it’s hard to see the body that has spheres with shifting x coordinates because it is poorly lighted.

So I used the data from Perfume, only I used one of the bodies rather than all three. One body continues to stretch horizontally because the spheres’ x values space out over time, the one in the middle has spheres that spin around really fast, and the one in the front, which reminds me of a slinky,kind of dips into the ground and ends up upside down, then comes back up from the ground.

I would call this piece “Day at the Gym” and ironically, all of the spheres have a skin of my cartoon self (I don’t GO to the gym!!!! This is what would happen if I did!!!!)

Anyways, that’s all folks!

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