1) when I think of effective complexity, or even just order and disorder combined in a powerful way, I remember this particular poem that I once read about three years ago. I can’t remember the name of the poem, the artist was pretty unknown as she was just a high school student, but I remember her work being complex in that it expressed cohesive thoughts through using a very bizarre and amusing word choice which added to the disorder. Because I cannot remember the name of this artist, I will talk about another work which illustrates order and disorder in a similar manner, but I just felt the need to at least mention the work of this artist who’s work I read three years ago. Someone else who seems to do something similar is James Joyce in The Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, which I happen to still need to finish (I made it like a quarter of the way through the book and never finished it, but I do plan on doing that at some point!) here are some excerpts from the beginning. His word choice is very reflective of the perspective of the main character during a specific moment in time (in this case, as a very young child), and it seems like he is pulling complete gibberish into his writing, but it is actually very thoughtful and expressive.

2) The problem of intent is an important problem to me, and is something I have been thinking of while I’ve considered trying my hand at artistic practices that can be achieved through coding as well as artistic practices in other mediums. Towards the end of last year is when I really started questioning my intentions- I mean, I decided to go to college as an art major for crying out loud. To be so deeply embedded into art culture and the art world and whatever else I might be getting myself into, what was I planning on doing while being in that position? I began to think about how artists can have a significant impact on their environment, and I thought about how I wanted to maybe do something that benefited humanity somehow. I thought that using my art to help society would be valuable, and right now I’m in a position where I’m asking myself “Okay, so with what I’m doing right now, with my interests, what am I willing to communicate with my work/ actively implement in order to help others?” It’s a question I’ve still been thinking of, and I also want to preserve the elements I find valuable in my work such as ridiculous characters I might make, humor, stuff that metaphorically screams weird noises in your face, the personal connection I have with my work, while attempting to accomplish this goal. It’s something I’ll have to find a sweet balance of, it’s there.


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