I am actually mesmerized by my gif(not to toot my own horn, I just didn’t think I could make something like this). I don’t know how fast it runs, but I had a problem with having it run faster than I had wanted for it to run. On my phone it seems to be running okay. I had a completely different vision of this project before I began, I was going to end up creating something that represented my hand drawn cartoons but then I ended up painting. This piece actually reminds me of some of my physical 2D work in a way (old work) so it was kind of weird to see something that reminded me of that on my laptop. Lots to work on, I need to move onto the next step, which means taking this style and applying it. Right now it just feels like a painting, and I don’t find anything wrong with that, I actually came to realize how exploring the algorithms and processes of the code and just playing around was something really special, and I think that new found appreciation is important. I really had fun making this. Just to show you how off this was from my original game plan, you can look at some of my sketches. I had planned to have a creature flying through the air and have these little circles fly behind the creature. Then I became interested in mapping and using trig functions to map, and then I realized that I could use noise, and here we are today. What a journey.


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