For my visualization, I wanted to see if the holiday season, and specific holidays (thanksgiving( 1-26 ), Christmas (12 -25) , Hanukka(12-6 / 12-13), New Years (day and eve), had an effect on bike riding.


I cleaned up the data through processing and excel so that I’d only have data on the start dates of the rides, then I made an array of how many rides occurred on each day.
Then I used code from the D3 examples to make a bar code by plugging my data in, and playing around with the colors and the text
My findings were largely inconclusive. For Thanksgiving and Christmas, there seems to be an increase the day after, for New Years, there is an increase on the eve, and a decrease for New Years Day and for Hanukka it seemed relatively steady. December 12th is weird, though, because it has about three times as many rides as the next highest data, but I think that’s an error on the side of whoever put together the healthy rides data (there were a lot of errors in the data set).


I couldn’t get the number of rides to display, so I just got rid of the left axis labeling, but the highest number is about 600



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