I really liked magic realism bot, because It’s weirdly calming and makes an abstract sort of coherence. It makes a sentence or two that describes a scenario, a concept, or just an event. I think the profile picture of this account is what really allows it to excel because it places you in the past, instead of looking at the posts as current, you can see them as sort of abstract literature with a sort of confidence and sense that it has stood the test of time. The tweets are also thought-provoking, and really just paints a picture of a sort of abstraction of the world and they are all very satisfying in terms of content and coherence. This also sort of read as newspaper headlines, or clickbait articles with stature.

For example, one tweet reads “A man disguised as a camel is roaming the streets of Manchester. It keeps repeating one word: ‘Telephones.’ ” . This makes sense, like, it probably wouldn’t happen, but it is not unimaginable, and in fact, if that did happen it would either be funny or completely terrifying, but it’s interesting to consider the different implications of the texts and the different ways the events described could be happening. This works as a stand-alone story, but also provides the possibility for more.

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