Robert Yang – Intimate, Infinite
For my looking outwards I looked into the work Intimate, Infinite by Robert Yang. Intimate Infinite is a 3d first person game based on the  novel “The Garden of Forking Paths” By Jorge Luis Borges.  I read about the story after I played the game, and It made it more interesting because the narrative is abstract, so I wasn’t able to fully understand the work the first time I played it. It was interesting and aesthetically pleasing but the content came across as confusing. The story is about a Chinese professor of English who is a spy for the germans, and he is found out and murdered. I think that the game expects the player to be more knowledgeable about the source story, but that this was not made clear – Unless the game is intended to be abstracted, which it may be because it lends itself well to this through the lagged video feed, the different points of views, and the changing narrator, as well as the discussion of different lives and different timeslines


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