My original idea was to make a human face generator (a la my sketch) with randomized face shapes, eyes, nose, mouth , and eyebrows. I started off by making the face shape, which worked in theory but I had a lot of trouble with my bezier curves and ended up switching to curveVertex(), which I thought looked too symmetrical and inorganic, and also didn’t work all the time. From there i decided to exaggerate the glitches and increase the randomnesses of the vertices. Then I added the facial features based somewhat on my drawing style. I usually draw y eyes far apart, so i added that into the code by making the variable averageEyeDist to a high number, and made it so not all of the faces will have pupils. I also coded the noses to have two different nose types = just the nostrils, or an upside down triangle. The mouse is generally a diagonal line, which is one of the way I draw mouths when I’m drawing non-realistic things. Even though it didn’t end up the way I had originally planned, I thought the result was entertaining. Id was also interesting to watch the plotter draw the faces because it drew in the order I usually draw, which was subconsciously the way that I coded it (or almost close – i draw the mouth before the nose not the other way around).



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