1)a square
2)center points of all lines match up to an invisible grid pattern
3)there exists a general trend as to the direction of the lines (generally up or down)
4)when lines are invisible, they are invisible in clumps,
5)line are all the same length,
6)black on white
7) the line length is bigger than the distance between the center points

The first not super obvious thing I realized was that the center points of the lines all matched up to the grid. I used this as my starting point and coded a generator that made all the lines at different angles. Then I went back and realized there was generally a trend for which direction most of the lines are going, so i coded that into a random variable. Then started playing around with different ways to add in empty spaces. I originally was it all random, but then I went in and made it so that once the initial empty lines where declared, the area of empty lines would be expanded upon, to create bigger empty spaces, and i tried to remove lines stranded in empty space. The hardest part for me was the empty space.


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