Bio – Mimi Son is an artistic director, storyteller, and designer, with a masters in Digital Media Art and Design from CIID. Elliot Woods is an educator, technologist, and curator from the UK. Together they founded Kimchi and Chips, which is an “experimental art/ design/ technology studio based in Seoul”.

I thought the project Lunar Surface was very interesting – this work has a hanging cloth with light projected onto it where the cloth would intersect an imaginary moon – it adjusts the light based on the position of the cloth due to its swinging, and a long exposure picture shows the moon in its entirety. I liked the way that this particular work brings another dimension into a room without adding any physical matter, just light, but showing a whole structure regardless. They have a lot of works where projections of light form three-dimensional objects, and this isn’t something that I’ve seen before.

I think that their work is presented very effectively. They create a unique atmosphere that enhances the work by providing an atmosphere that brings intrigue to the work but does not detract from it


Eyeo 2014 – Mimi Son and Elliot Woods from Eyeo Festival // INSTINT on Vimeo.

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