For my final project I’m going to expand on my generative book. I’m going to fix the imperfections of the things I already have, and add a lot of new things.

First I’m going to improve the eyes of the creatures, and devise an algorithm for generating descriptions for them as Golan recommended. For the descriptions I’m thinking of grabbing descriptions about real animals from wikipedia, scramble them and substitute key information. I’m also thinking about extracting animal features from my generation algorithm to use them in the description.

For the new things, I’m also going to generate terrain and plants. The terrain, the plants and the animals are going to the three major components of my new book.

For the terrain, I’m going to render some images in 3D (or pseudo-3D) with the plants and animals I generated, so that it looks like a photograph of a real landscape. I’m also going to analyze the terrain, and assign the different animals and plants to different parts of the island based on the geography.

For the generative plants, I’m probably going to combine fractals with generative textures. I’ll look into L-systems, which I heard is very good at generating plants. I have already written an algorithm for generating realistic wood textures using perlin noise last week, and I will probably use similar algorithms to generate other plant-like textures.

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