This bot takes sentences out of the New York Times completely out of context. And it happens to be a riot. Plenty of people seem to agree – the bot has a loyal following of 131k!


This is just so incredibly fun. I wonder how the Bot was programmed to have such humor or whether the humor is largely self-prescribed knowing that it is a segmented taken from the NY times? Is it inherently funny? Or just funny because we think it’s from the NYT?



Some are just outrageous and I absolutely cannot imagine under what circumstance/context they would make sense under in  the NYT:


Perhaps that is part of the allure? Wondering HOW ON EARTH DID THIS COME TO BE?!?!??!?!

I’m so curious – this bot could totally promote articles way better than any ad. I’d want to read this article if only to find out the context behind this outrageous statement.

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