I really loved Stephanie Posevac (and the small startup interaction firm she works with in cali) when I was first introduced to this area of new media arts. I found data visualization incredibly exciting, both as a creative problem to work out how to best show complex data, but also to make the silly mundane things in life hold more meaning.

(short blurb on Stefanie – she’s a UK based designer who has made lots of  work with data projects that involve language, literature and science while illustrating for various books and exhibiting at the MoMa…like HOW COOL IS THAT?)

Eyeo2012 – Stefanie Posavec from Eyeo Festival // INSTINT on Vimeo.

But anywhooo – her work was the stepping stone that brought me interests further into data visualization. (Golan talked about her (or mentioned offhandedly?) during our first lecture as well) I really admired how beautiful her data aesthetic was – the aesthetic sells just as well as the functionality of the design.

Something along those lines – but not quite so aesthetic – also enables effortless data/information transmission;

An older project – but still one of my favorites- called NeuroViz is especially exciting because and it’s an incredibly simple tool for “visualizing the activation and inhibition of nodes within neural networks such that those within our brain.” Being able to communicate the complexity in a straightforward incredibly effortless way takes so much effort. I appreciate these more knowing the iterative process behind it.

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