Lecture 10-28: Infoviz

For this unit, we will consider information visualization as a mode of inquiry. And we will use visualization as a means to study the world around us, as articulated by data.

Technically speaking, we will spend this week learning to use the D3 (Data Driven Documents) JavaScript visualization library. Created by Mike Bostock of the New York Times, D3.js is the library used for interactive information graphics online.

To begin learning D3, we will have a special workshop taught by David Newbury on Friday morning.


D3.js & Resources

In-class materials:

Official links:

Some tutorials:

Information Visualization as Cultural Inquiry

We’ll watch this half-hour presentation by Josh Begley from Eyeo 2016,
Setting Tangents Around A Circle:

Some individuals and their work:

How to do this kind of work: