Theo, Emily, and Nick’s works, and in particular Connected Worlds, have captivated me since the day I came across them; seriously, I was such a fanboy of Connected Worlds. By chance I came across their Eyeo talk to write about for my past LookingOutwards and I could not have been more grateful for that discovery.

It is December 2 and they just finished their presentation and I’m so giddy inside and I also lowkey want a picture with them but it’s okay.

Anyhow my last project will be an attempt to also make some virtual environment; personally I’ve never been as into VR or 3D, so I want the output to be purely run on the computer, reminiscent of a videogame/computer game environment. However the user manipulation and interaction persists, so ideally it would be some inferior Connected Worlds… I personally admire the aesthetics and graphics of Design I/O’s works, and would personally like to achieve my own style and effects with a similarly sleek, endearing, and effective designs. I also aim to execute a calm, serene environment–an innocent nature-scape.

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