I am incredibly thankful that my clock seems to have generally been well-received; general consensus when it came to improvements involved making the constellation fragments connect more orderly to construct shapes of some sort, rather than be as random as they are now. I agree with this sentiment and also came across the thought during my process, but because of lack of time, did not finalize my product with this in mind. I hope to revisit this asset and to ensure that later-formed lines’ x1,y1,x2,y2 coordinates be the x1,y1 or x2,y2 of previous lines so that the constellations will have a higher chance of forming polygons, and avoid haphazard intersections. I feel this would also alleviate the critiques that the hours are hard to read because of the random placements of the fragments; with less intersections, each fragment would ideally be distinctively apparent and the reader would be able to easily count the lines.

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