These are select projects of Kajima Sawako and Michalatos Panagiotis: interactive flash samples a_garden, plant_growth, and fishes, all of whose nature-inspired, stylized linework, and smooth motions are characteristics I admire. When it comes to generative artwork, I instinctively focus on the user experience and outwards aesthetic of the piece before observing closer, and as such the execution of mark-making in these mini projects are quite seamless and impressive. The algorithms that generated the work seem to reflect some sort of fractal, or similarly-based structure, to effectively grow the trees and branches. The fishes are reminiscent of some sprite or object-oriented type spawn to track and follow the user’s cursor. I originally found Sawako and Panagiotis on the AKT-UK website through scriptedbypurpose, which focuses on utilizing geometrical templates to design architecture, and I could connect the algorithm-based tendencies in both their digital and architectural works, which all seem inspired by some seamless, mathematical visualization. These samples represent some balance of effective complexity by generating growth and movement in a more ordered, controlled manner (expected fractal branches, path of fish movement), but not limiting such action to some boundary: this provides some randomness and unexpectedness in where new plants generate, and the constant respawn of new forms in the flash present some disorganized sense of space.

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